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AGI Greenpac is formerly known as HSIL Limited​

was established in 1981 with an opulent manufacturing legacy of packaging products business having a core value of excellence arise in Telangana- Hyderabad; we ensure the combination of Innovation & technology. As a phenomenon, we have emerged as the 2nd largest manufacturer of glass containers in India, with the capability of using diverse fuel options and product applications across downstream sectors.

we are engaged in the production of various packaging products including glass containers, speciality glass, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles & products, and security caps & closures. With excellence in manufacturing glass products with an impressive scale of 40+ years of experience as India's leading glass container manufacturer. We always aim to comfort our customers with the most sustainable lifestyle with our unique glass & closure products.

Here's where we affirm technology meets Innovation resulting in the success manufactured India's first anti-bacterial glass bottle & initiated the manufacturing of Eco-friendly wellness glass containers to save mother earth. We specialize in products in the following segments as our Innovation continues.

 PTE bottles
 Glass bottles for lifestyle
 Go green security caps with IGBC platinum rating
 Speciality liquor
 Beauty
 Food & Distribution
 Pharmaceuticals
Levelling up & going green, we manufacture an exclusive product range. We follow advanced automation technology in every step of the process& adopted the most advanced quality management processing & recognized for our expertise in fulfilling the global satisfactory glass requirements. We aim to be an agile, profitable & sustainable business for we also enhance the stakeholder's value; each product we manufacture carries a brand mark. We are packaging excellent greed for growth.

We constantly focus on market expansion by creating a unique & forward-looking product portfolio with an increased segment of value-added products to improvise & offer conventional and new-age packaging solutions. We focus on broadening the range of primary packaging products to better serve our client's needs.

follow employee welfare which enables the employee to live a more prosperous & good work atmosphere, also initiated welfare programs for communities with a long-standing focus on sustainability & stewardship.

Here are the Awards & Certifications we achieved for packaging excellence and desire for growth:
• Double Gold at SIP Awards, California for Labrador and three monkey whiskies.
• Recognized as Strategic Partner and Most Innovative Designs by -ABInBev
• Bohangir plant secured a 5-star rating, whereas Hyderabad secured a 4-Start rating at CII-SR EHS Excellence Awards- 2019.
• Nestle India Awarded "Valued supply partner" and membership of the "Gold Circle."
• DMF - Quality assurance for supply to the US pharmaceutical market
• ISO 15378: 2011 & 2017 Quality management system provides primary packaging material for medical products.
• ISO 9001: 2011 & 2015- quality management system
• ISO 14001:2015 – Environment Management System
• OHSAS 18001: 2007 –Occupational Health and Safety
• Management System
• FSCC 22000 – Food Safety System

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