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AGI Plastek

AGI Plastek formerly known as Garden Polymers is the leading supplier of PET bottles to the Health Care Industry in India. Almost every major player in Pharma uses PET bottles manufactured by AGI Plastek. In addition, AGI Plastek is the major supplier of PET bottles to the personal care and Alco-beverage industry. AGI Plastek is a subsidiary of AGI GREENAPC Ltd, a market leader in the largest manufacturer of Container glass in India.

The cornerstone of AGI Plastek’s success is its use of state-of-the-art technology to provide a customized package that is innovative and unique. Innovation starts in package design, where AGI Plastek designers utilize the latest CAD systems and software to develop drawings and volumetrically correct 3-D computer models. AGI Plastek also provides complete prototyping support with models, moulds and sample containers from its R&D laboratories.

Whether a package is made of HDPE, PP, PET or a combination of resins, AGI Plastek technologists deploy the latest moulding systems available for production. AGI Plastek deploys only single-stage technology for manufacturing PET bottles.

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