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Giving back to the community

Our work is guided by our desire to contribute to communities, especially around the vicinity of our manufacturing plants. We undertake need-based initiatives and work with our local stakeholders to address the challenges they face in accessing quality education, healthcare, and economic opportunities that ensure a better future for them.


The overarching philosophy that guides our corporate responsibility initiatives is ‘value for the nation; value for all’. Our objective is to achieve far-reaching impacts and outcomes with prudent corporate social responsibility (csr) initiatives and need-based allocation of financial and human resources. We are reshaping not just our businesses, but also the way we care for our communities. During fy 2017-18, we institutionalised the agi greenpac corporate social responsibility foundation to steward our community initiatives. Under the foundation, with direct implementation and co-partnership, support an assortment of causes and institutions in multiple areas, within the defined framework of the companies act, 2013.

Areas we report

Better sanitation and hygiene

Skill development

Healthcare facilities

Women empowerment


Rural development programmes

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