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AGI Glaspac

AGI Greenpac Ltd., Packaging Products Divison, AGI glaspac (better known as AGI) established in the year 1972, are engaged in the manufacture of high-quality glass containers to meet the stringent and demanding quality standards for the packaging needs of Food, Pharmaceuticals, Soft Drinks, Spirits, Beer, Wine and other industries.

AGI has played pivotal role in the development of glass containers for many critical packaging applications. Over the many years of operations, the Company has built up an excellent reputation in terms of providing excellent quality products and caters to a large and demanding customer base with a product range covering Flint, Amber and Green containers. With four furnaces, today AGI can commit availability of Flint, Amber and Green glass throughout the year. The product range varies from a small 5 ml Pharma bottle to a 4000 ml Chemical / Food jars

With the recent addition of Colouring Forehearth technology at the Bhongir plant, today AGI is in a position to provide glass containers in various colours which can offer great marketing advantages from a branding point of view.

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